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May 5th 2011

Arda – Drawlander

This is the kind of entry which makes it really hard to be a judge in a Crap Games Compo. The game has a good share of crappy elements, such as misaligned text, mind-blowing (literally) music, mysterious gameplay details, and graphic artifacts. One could say this is the quintesential crap game upon reading the aforementioned list of crap-items, but once you play thins game you’ll find a piece of software that’s extremely playable (albeit a bit on the easy side), and that makes great use of uncompiled (slow) Sinclair BASIC – so great that the game runs fast and smooth. Basicly, you have to land on several planets (with varying degrees of gravity and wind force) with your cargo. You can maneuver it left or right and use a thrust button to stop your fall. The twist, and also what makes this game actually play good, is the use of PLOT and DRAW commands to render all on-screen graphics. Complete with a gorgeous loading screen, this is actually a good game. It may not win the CSSCGC in the main category, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find another category for it, ’cause this game is definitely a winner.


6, 7 (Sinclair Joystick left, right): maneuver left or right.
0 (Sinclair Joystick fire button): thrust.

Click here to download.