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December 1st 2011

Nitrofurano – Solitario

Yet another entry by Nitrofurano – the best author when it comes to creating a game that is somewhat polished (albeit with bugs) but ends up being crap for the game itself. I mean, this is some kind of solitaire involving red balls in a cross-shaped board, and you supposedly have to clear it moving them around following a determined set of rules which you will forget as soon as you have finished reading them. And you have to win in less than 15 minutes – that shows that the author really expects you to last 15 minutes at his game, and that really amazes me. This is the typical game in a middle of a compilation back in the 80’s: that game you have absolutely no clue how to play and which get skipped all the time. But this time it comes with instructions, so there’s no excuse this time. A special prize for the first one to actually solve it!


Move around with WASD and use SPACE to switch the pellets… Or something like that. Read the instructions to know when you can actually switch a pellet.

Click here to download.

November 10th 2011

Salvacam – First (and last) First-Person Hamster Wheel Simulator

Fellers, this has to be the most original simulator we have received this year! Salvacam announces this is the last game in his own one-key-only trilogy, and announces that, next year, he’ll try and make two-key games. Good for him, and good for us. And now, on to the game! This game simulates a big part of every hamster’s everyday routine: running the wheel. The game goes straight to the point, and starts with the above mentioned hamster already positioned in the running wheel, ready to get into action! No useless waits (and I’m looking at you, Mr. Apenao!), no neverending intros (like in nowadays games – when you finally get into action you have already spent the only two hours you had to play beforing getting back to house chores). Just sheer enjoyment. And from the very point of view of the hamster himself. Now you will know how it really feels. Have or ever had a hamster? This game will help you sympathise with every hamster in the world! This will make you a better person! Hopefully, with more games like this, wars and hunger will end for good. Unbelievable. This ain’t just a videogame… This is a complete digital, interactive experience. I’m quite sure that, in the future, this will be considered like a true masterpiece of our times! Ico and Shadow of the Colossus my ass.


One just can’t summarize the experience you get from this game, so go and try it NOW.

Click here to download.

April 1st 2011

R-Tape – Killer Mathbots from Andromeda

Oh, man, this is a really beautiful loading screen. Indeed, I think this game has the best loading screen of all entries we have received so far. But let’s not be distracted by gratuitous bells and whistles. Let’s head for the game itself. What we have here is possibly the worst nightmare for most children. And I’ve felt weird, because I remember how, as a child, my dad talked me about educational videogames (ain’t such a concept such an antithesis?) in which you had to answer to mathematical questions everytime you lost the game… And this game is just about that. There’s two mad characters which will chase our hero relentlessly. Not only they will pursue him continuously, but he doesn’t have anywhere to hide. So do your best on making him last as much as possible, ’cause if they trap (either of them) him, you will be facing one of the hardest punishments you can imagine: a math test you won’t be able to finish until you give a proper, correct answer. Scary, innit?


O, P, Q, A: escape!
SPACE: start game.

Click here to download.