CSSCGC 2011 — Anders Carlsson – Cowthilde

Anders Carlsson – Cowthilde

Written by . Posted at 2:08 pm on January 10th, 2012

Yet another musical game! This time involving cows (people seems to know how to get a winner!). In this game, which is actually good-looking if you put on your fancy 1983 glasses, you have to guide your tiny hero using O P Q A to approach each… uh… singing cow in the screen. When you do that, the cow will sing a short tune (a bit random, but a tune) and you have to sing it back to her in order to free her from the underworld. If you do it right, the cow will disappear in thin air, but if you miss a note you’ll lose a life. Quite unfiorgiving, but that’s life. The game works nice, moves nice, responds nice, sounds nice and plays nice. Not very crap, indeed, just made in a vintage manner. I’m sure that if a time machine existed, you could easily bring this game back to 1983 and sell it to Micromega for a good sum, and then come back to the present and enjoy the accumulated royalties in your bank account, buy an expensive car, and marry a stripper.


Use OPQA to move around, approach the cows and sing back their tune using the numeric keys.

Click here to download.