CSSCGC 2011 — Apenao – Star Wars – The Old Republic

Apenao – Star Wars – The Old Republic

Written by . Posted at 1:11 pm on January 10th, 2012

Nobody knows how, but Apenao got the official license from Lucas Arts to produce the ZX Spectrum port of their latest blockbuster in the Star Wars franchise, a MMORPG (won’t tell what it means ’cause I always mix up the initials). The problem was that they are quite unflexible when it comes to deadlines, and the time Apenao had to develop this game was minimal. And it shows. Luckily, Apenao managed to extract the most important aspects of SW:TOR and gave full priority to them, so they are completely implemented. So the game lacks some things from the original, but the essence is there: the exciting light-saber duels between Jedi Knights and Lord Siths, complete with power-ups and character level growth. And, of course, you can’t play this alone, as this is a MMORPG. May the force be with you, young padawan! (sorry, I had to say that).


Q controls the Jedi Knight. P controls the Lord Sith.

Click here to download.