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January 10th 2012

Dalibor Sver – Trta Mrta

Well, this one comes in an unknown language (for me). The author sent me the correct translation to every message on screen, but I won’t tell you ’cause I believe that it would spoil all the fun. The game starts asking for a lot of questions, then lets you position two squares on screen (using Q, A and M for each), and then it plays some kind of tron-like cycles battle. You control the leftmost “cycle” (or square), and the rightmost cycle is controlled by the computer. Well, I’m not very sure about that, ’cause it never turns so it’s pretty easy to beat. Unless I’m missing something. Which I can’t tell. Mr. Sver didn’t provide any explanations, so you’ll have to figure this out. You can always look at the sources (I was a nerdy kid who did exactly that when I was 13 and had no clue about what I was supposed to do in crappy BASIC games and type-ins).


Keys are O, P, Q, A and M. That’s all I know about this game.

Click here to download.