CSSCGC 2011 — Lee Osborne – ZX81 Sharetrader

Lee Osborne – ZX81 Sharetrader

Written by . Posted at 2:35 pm on January 10th, 2012

Mr. Osborne‘s next entry, also for the ZX81, is a port of a former CSSCGC entry from 2000. It’s one of those boring games a la Tai Pan (and I get my coat) where you basicly sell and buy things and stuff like that. I will never understand how somebody can find this kind of games amusing, as if we didn’t have enough worries in real life. But hey, here it is! The author claims it contains all the features from the original (albeit with a few more bugs), and I will be taking his word for this. I’m quite sorry, but I can’t really stand more than two minutes with this kind of games, but worry not, the judges love them. It looks clean and well presented, and the ZX81 display is always sexy. So here you are, have fun!


Choose among the tons of options, sit back, and enjoy your simulation.

Click here to download.