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June 30th 2011

Lazslo Simon – Brainfuck Interpreter

Aye! It seems that entries come in pairs lately. That’s a good thing. Lazslo Simon is back with an incredible utility: a Brainfuck language interpreter. There’s never enough of them. If you are not nerdy enough, you may learn something about this programming language. The implementation is exquisite and it works quite well. Well, it does the job. The main drawback is that you can’t really save your hard work, so you can’t really experience the true joy of programming: taking your code to your nerdy friends places and impress them while you all eat peta-zetas with Star Trek masks on. You can only run this in an emulator and save a snapshot, but it’s not the same as taking out a tape from your purse with a mysterious stare, and then having your pals wait while it loads dying with anticipation. But hey! Nobody is perfect.


Well, I can’t really explain how to code in the Brainfuck Language in a couple of lines. Have you followed the link I provided in the big paragraph?

Click here to download.