CSSCGC 2011 — Apenao – Game of (Musical) Thrones

Apenao – Game of (Musical) Thrones

Written by . Posted at 2:49 pm on January 10th, 2012

I’m sure that Apenao also got the official license to make the ZX Spectrum videogame based in the popular franchise Game of Thrones. I wonder how does this guy to get all those licenses, he must be backed by one of those big companies which emply lots of slaves and sell human flesh in the black market. The fact is that here it is, the official (I guess) Game of Thrones ZX Spectrum videogame! This one comes with a twist. I don’t know if this game is popular elsewere, but here in Spain we got a big deal of it when we were kids. Now kids have Nintendo DSs to play with, so, for the sake of preservation, a computer rendition of the good ol’ Game of Chairs just had to be created. To play the game, you set up some chairs in circle, one less that the total amount of player. Then the music plays, and players have to run around the chairs. Then suddenly the music stops, and the players must try and sit down in one chair. Of course, (you may have guessed if you are good at maths) one of them remains up with no chair to sit down. Well, that guy is, obviously, killed in a rather gory manner. Game of (Musical) Thrones replaces the plain chairs with actual thrones, and lets you pick all the players. Then the music will play… and play… and trust me, it will eventually stop. Some day. And then…


Choose the contestants, sit back, and enjoy your simulation.

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