CSSCGC 2011 — Nitrofurano – Solitario

Nitrofurano – Solitario

Written by . Posted at 10:37 am on December 1st, 2011

Yet another entry by Nitrofurano – the best author when it comes to creating a game that is somewhat polished (albeit with bugs) but ends up being crap for the game itself. I mean, this is some kind of solitaire involving red balls in a cross-shaped board, and you supposedly have to clear it moving them around following a determined set of rules which you will forget as soon as you have finished reading them. And you have to win in less than 15 minutes – that shows that the author really expects you to last 15 minutes at his game, and that really amazes me. This is the typical game in a middle of a compilation back in the 80’s: that game you have absolutely no clue how to play and which get skipped all the time. But this time it comes with instructions, so there’s no excuse this time. A special prize for the first one to actually solve it!


Move around with WASD and use SPACE to switch the pellets… Or something like that. Read the instructions to know when you can actually switch a pellet.

Click here to download.