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The CSSCGC edition 2011 has finished! A bunch of 4 judges have measured each entry in three categories: overall crapness, funnyness, and strangeness, all of them out of 10. Then we have averaged the results, and chosen 4 games. The overall crapness score was used to choose the winner (the one with the highest mark) and the loser (the one with the lowest). Then, two special mentions, funniest game and most strange game have been given to the entries with the highest marks in such categories.

Main Results

The WINNER, with an overall crapness score of 8.5 out of 10 is Richard May’s Random Walk.

The LOSER, with an overall crapness score of 1 out of 10 is Arda’s Drawlander.

Special mentions

The FUNNIEST game is JBGV’s Uchidanza with a whoppin’ 9.25!

The MOST STRANGE game is Apenao’s Game of (musical) thrones with 8 points.

You can download here the complete excel with all the scores and calculations if you please by clicking here. The complete package containing all the games can be found here.

A random present is being currently worked out for the winner.

Thanks everybody who has participated and/or supported us this year. Long life the CSSCGC!


  1. Results in EXCEL format!!! That *is* really pure CRAP. Very appropiated xDDD

  2. Of course! Openoffice would have been too elaborated.

  3. Richard May

    – Statement follows from Captain Richard “Offensive” May. O.P. I.P.A. and Bar

    My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    I’d like to begin by thanking na_th_an and the rest of the jury for recognising me, and my charmingly rubbish bit of software, “Random Walk”.

    I’ve been striving for crapness throughout my life, and not without some successes.

    In the sporting arena I’ve successfully tried my hand at being crap at Cricket, Rugby and Football (particularly football). However those dropped catches, missed tackles, and scuffed passes have now been superseded.

    Musically I’ve always struggled to match my perception of my talents to my actual level of performance. I’ve managed to ruin a number of musical events through pisspoor drumming or by singing along in completely the wrong key (if indeed, in any key at all). However that has now been superseded.

    Those (now long gone) adolescent years (mostly) failing miserably to attract the attentions of the fit girls at school showed a level of crapness with the opposite sex that, well actually chances are most of you lot know only to well! :-). However that has now been superseded.

    But now, to be recognised in the most prestigious, world wide, competition; by having beaten off the lack of talent of so many here; by having (barely) coded a piece of such pointless Sinclair basic and to see it rise (sink) to such levels as to garner this award.

    Well for that I’m truly crap and now have global recognition of all those years that I have put in to the art of being crap. This means so much. I’d like to say how much, but clearly I’m crap at finding a way to say that also.

    So thank you all. Yours in crapness.


    *weeps manfully into a crappy tissue*

    -End of statement

  4. Excellent winning speech, Mr. May, congratulations!

  5. Duncan Snowden

    That acceptance speech wasn’t crap at all, you big phoney.

  6. Argh! I’m still not crap enough!

    I’d have been much more impressed if you’d done the results in Vu- Calc, especially the ZX81 version.

  7. Anders Carlsson

    Shouldn’t Washing Machine Simulator also get a honorable mention, as it was the game with the highest combined marks on all three criteria? While the main focus is to make a truly crap game, since you evaluate how fun and strange each game is too, it comes to my mind a game that is both crap, funny and strange at the same time should count for something.

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