CSSCGC 2011 — Nitrofurano – Bacaball

Nitrofurano – Bacaball

Written by . Posted at 10:57 am on December 1st, 2011

I love when entries come in pairs. Actually, they weren’t submitted at once, but as I’m a lazy ass and it takes forever for me to update the site, it looks like those have came arrived at once. This is the magic of procrastinating! This time our friend Nitrofurano tries to fool the judges by creating a game about cows. And he has succeeded completely. You know the drill: cows = win. At least while the Mojon Twins are the hosts. More if the game is actually crap and innovative. This one features simultaneous 4-players action in the same keyboard. Each player controls his very own cow (sadly, the four cows look the same, which may cause some trouble) playing some kind of 4-way soccer. A player scores if he hits the ball and afterwards that ball goes to the edge of the screen. Each player has to defend his edge. Choosing which player you control is, therefore, very important: the left and right players have shorter edges to protect so they play with some kind of advantage. So go grab three friends and have hours of fun! If you can’t grab three friends, the only way would be to somehow mutate and develop two extra sets of arms and hands, so you better find people.


Well, WASD controls player 1, TGHF controls player 2, IKJL controls player 3 and cursors controls player 4. If you manage to play this in a 48K rubber keys Speccy please send us a picture.

Click here to download.