Uwol, Quest For Money

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A game by The Mojon Twins / A game by The Mojon Twins

Designed by / Designed by: anjuel & na_th_an
Argument / Story:
David Pimperl Marco
Código / Code:
na_th_an with SPLIB2
Graphics game / In-game graphics:
Additional graphics / Additional graphics : na_th_an
Loading screen / Loading screen:
Portada / Cover art : Ferrán Criado
Music / Music: Augusto Ruiz

Music Player / Music Player: wyz
apack Decompressor / Apack Decomp. ad.: utopian
Level editor / Developing tools: Augusto Ruiz
Levels and support / Levels and support: Augusto Ruiz, anjuel, na_th_an, kendroock, daivod, dadman, t.brazil, ivanZX, benway, sejuan, konamito, danthalas, metalbrain, zemman

Disclaimer: if someone has created levels and it is not reflected in the list, please tell us and we will include it. Sorry for the inconvenience if this is the case.

Dedicated to / Dedicated to: David Pimperl Marco, Ferrán Criado, Augusto Ruiz, Tony Brazil, ivanZX, alx, Hannibal Smith, Templeton Peck, MA Barracus, HM Murdock

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history _

Uwol, not content with reaping 90% of all revenue from retro video games in Spain and getting rich, wants to relive the adventures of his former idols while continuing to swell his coffers, since that is the first reason for his existence.

After hoarding precious trophies following in the footsteps of his favorite classic video game heroes (The Fire That Doesn’t Burn (which comes in handy for the hall), a proton pistol with its ion charger, three Gremla panties, Willy’s checkbook, Wally’s pajamas, the Sword of Power (the fake one, the real one is in use), a lot of Saimaza coffee…), he finds out that a mysterious and eccentric millionaire, once a thief, hides in an old mansion nearby to the Canutos Forest (the one known as Storm Palace) a jug of gold coins, and decides to emulate his great idol Goody and steal them…

The thing is, it’s not going to be too easy… The basements of the Storm Palace are deep and full of nooks and crannies. As if this were not enough, the intricate layout of the ancient cameras makes it easy to get lost, miss the path and find yourself back at the starting point. That’s what happened to Uwol: being the most ambitious guy in the universe played a trick on him and because he wanted to go deeper and deeper into the palace to find more and more coins, he ended up at the bottom of the maze… A maze in the inhabited by Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, who will try by all means that Uwol does not take a penny.

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Uwol didn’t have enough after earning about 90% of all the income which resulted from selling retro video games in Spain and getting himself rich. Now he wants to experience the adventures of his good old idols from him while he keeps engrossing his bank account, ’cause that’s the very matter of his existence from him.

After gathering precious prizes following the steps of his favorite classic videogame heroes (this is, the fire which doesn’t burn -which looks great in the hall of his house-, the proton pistol with the proton charger, three knickers from Gremla, the book of bills of Miner Willy, Wally’s pajamas, the Sword of Power (just a copy, ’cause the real one is in use), heaps of Saimaza coffee…), he learns that a mysterious and eccentric millionaire, formerly a thief , hides quite a big fortune in gold coins in a very old manor next to Canutos Forest-the so-called Storm Palace. So he decides to emulate his idol Goodie and steal them!

The problem is that it won’t be very easy… The cellar of Storm Palace are quite deep and are full of nooks and crannies. Besides, the intricate layout of rooms makes it very easy to get lost and go back to the starting point. That’s what happened to Uwol: his greed made him to get deeper and deeper into the manor so he got lost and trapped in the lowest labyrinth, inhabited by Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, who will try by all means to make Uwol fail in his task.

The Game

The objective of the game is to steal as many coins as possible, up to a minimum of 255 that will allow you to leave the mansion. Said mansion is pyramidal, and in each level, when you take all his coins, he will tell you to choose the path. You get on top of the arrow and pretas down. Simple as that.

There are four areas to explore: entrance to the house, laboratories, rooms, basement. You will notice that you are in each one of them because the background changes.

If you have reached the end of the pyramid and you do not have the necessary coins, you know, greed is what you have… you will have to start over. But, watch out! in the levels that you have already passed there are no coins! They will serve as a transit to other levels that you have not explored.

You have 3 enemies that move horizontally (Franky, Vampy and Wolfy) plus a surprise one that appears when you run out of time and that chases you all over the stage: the fearsome Fanty.

During the game, if you touch an enemy you will be naked. It is what we have called “Uwol Pelotingui”. Run to look for a shirt that if not the next touch the palms.

One thing about jumping and moving. The more you pretend to jump, the more you jump. Also, you have momentum… so watch how you move.

OH! we forgot By earning a “certain” number of points, we will give you an extra life. We are that generous. 😀

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The game is about to steal the most amount of coins possible. Uwol won’t want to end his mission until he collects a minimum of 255 of those. The manor rooms are arranged like a pyramid, starting from the very top, and after you clean a room of coins you will be given the chance to choose which path (left or right) to take. You select a path walking over one of the arrows which appears and pressing DOWN. Find out best free fire name style 2023.

If you get to the bottom of the pyramid and you haven’t gathered enough coins you get back to the top and start over. This time, you should choose another path ’cause the already visited rooms will be empty. Use the pyramid map to know which rooms are visited and which aren’t.

You have three enemies which follow pretty linear paths, but once the time ends one of them will summon Fanty which will chase you relentlessly all across the screen.

During gameplay, if you touch a baddie you’ll lose your clothes. Look for a tee-shirt nearby, otherwise you’ll die on the next touch by a baddie.

When you get a certain amount of points, you’ll be rewarded with an extra life.

Controls / Controls






Load instructions / Loading instructions

This game is only for 128k. This game takes advantage of the new ULA designed for Harlequin clones, functionality implemented in emulators like ZX Spin 07l or Fuse. You will see beautiful colorics if you load it on a Harlequin with modified ULA (when this is possible) or on the emus mentioned.

This game is presented only in 128k. This game takes advantage of the modified ULA present in the Harlequin clone and implemented in emulators such as ZX Spin 0.7l or Fuse. You’ll see fancy colors if you load the game in a ULA-modified Harlequin (when this is possible in the future) or such emulators.

ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+2A/+2B/+3

  1. To load the 128K version, select “Charger” or “Loader” from the start menu and press ENTER. Press play on the cassette and the game will load automatically.

ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+2A/+2B/+3

  1. To load the 128K version, select “Loader” in the menu and press ENTER. Press PLAY on tape and the game will load automatically.

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FX Eternal Developing / FX Eternal Developing

It’s been so many years since we started this game that we hardly even remember!

This game was started so many years ago that we even can’t remember when!

Downloads / Downloads

  • Spectrum 128k version / Spectrum 128k version [ link ]
  • Source code / Source code [ link ]
  • Hacked version which allows you to play using the Sinclair Joystick 1 (67890) by Tom-Cat [ link ]

Cover / Cover

Observe the wonderful cover of Ferrán Criado. Spectacular.

Tokes & Pokes

Pavero has discovered this:

52157,X (time units)
52049,X (number of lives 1-100)

Analysis / Reviews

  • Megadriver [ link ]
  • Radastan’s Blog [ link ]
  • Konamito.com [ link ]
  • Program: bytes: 48k [ link ]
  • RetrogameSystems [ link ]
  • The World of the Spectrum [ link ]

Version for SEGA Genesis by Shiru


  • Direct ftp download / Direct ftp download [ link ]
  • Web of the author / Author website [ link ]
  • Díle que es la hostia / Tell him it’s great [ link ]

SNES version by Alekmaul

We leave you the files of the SNES version made by our friend Alekmaul. Also, a few words that he left us:

Regarding information, my website is http://www.portabledev.com and my twitter https://twitter.com/alekmaul .
Regarding development, Uwol for Snes was my first game for my snes library test purpose. It took me a look time to do it because I also tested my library (PVSneslib) with it.
When I did it, a guy named KungFufurby adapted Shiru Megadrive musics for the Snes and we so also have really nice musics for this version (I’m using an IT player i did for PVSneslib, based on Snes IT player made by makunda http : http://snes.mukunda.com/ ).


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