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por nitrofurano
Lun, 23 Feb 2015, 12:48
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Tema: ZX-Basic and arcade machines
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ZX-Basic and arcade machines

i think some of you saw some very humble experiments i tried to start about coding for arcade machines using Boriel's ZX-Basic Compiler i don't know if there are more people interested on helping pursuing this kind of ...
por nitrofurano
Mar, 01 Oct 2013, 18:45
Foro: La Churrera
Tema: [Linux] Herramientas Churreras
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Re: [Linux] Churrera Installer, Churrera Retriever y

(sorry about commenting in english... :S ) about Python, it's not that hard to learn, it depends on what you want to do (and i consider Python as a language very similar to Basic, and relatively very easy to code and debug) - at i have some small examples th...
por nitrofurano
Mar, 01 Oct 2013, 18:08
Foro: Ayuda
Tema: Aplib para ZX Basic
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Re: Aplib para ZX Basic

i need to try this library for stuff like this: (an uncompressed slideshow made on ZX Basic, for msx2+ (laced screen12, in a 4mb .rom file, using ascii...

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