La Churrera (English)

La Churrera is a framework composed by a modular engine coded in C and a set of tools to make games for the ZX Spectrum. La Churrera needs z88dk to compile and uses the splib2 game library by Alvin Albrecht (*).


  • The latest, stable and public version is 3.99.99 (Final) (2017-10-03) and you can download it [here].
  • There’s a Github repository. Push requests welcome.
  • Son Link maintains a package with Linux executables [here].
  • There’s a tutorial series (albeit in Spanish) at El Mundo del Spectrum, [here].

Final version

This is the final, definitive version of Mojon Twins Engine MK1. It won’t be updated anymore, nor maintained, not supported.

Do what you like with this framework. You can publish your games in whatever format you fancy. You can sell your games. You can publish your games on tape and sell them – as long as you send us a couple of copies 😉


La Churrera uses some external code:

  • splib2, game library by Alvin Albrecht.
  • SFX y Phaser1 engine music player by Shiru.
  • appack decompressor by dwedit, adapted by Utopian and optimized by Metalbrain.
  • PSG Player by WYZ.

La Churrera is copyleft The Mojon Twins and is distributed under license CC BY-SA 4.0.

(*) splib2 is a very old library. There’s a copy of the old, official website here. Due to several changes in z88dk it may be difficult to compile splib2 from the sources, so we have uploaded a precompiled version here (works in every z88dk from v1.5 to v1.10). You can also download a full z88dk10 + splib2 MS Windows package here.

Old versions

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  1. I would love it if someone could provide an English version of the tutorial please. The online translation is pretty bad and my secondary languages (French and Polish) just don’t cut it in this case!

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