Federation Z (ZX Spectrum 48)

Federation Z, una aventura espacial hecha por Furillo Productions.
Furillo Productions team somos: Molomazo e IADVD

Powered by MGA (Mini Graphic Adventure engine, by Iadvd) + MK1 (La Churrera by The Mojon Twins) and copyleft Iadvd under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

The Game

As the Captain Koji Bakuto, ride the A9K-2 Starship through the Omega sector following the orders and advices of General Zork, and completing the seven missions of the game. You can be a hero, or finish your days floating in the cold space forever.

Our reports inform us that there are two native races living at the Omega sector; one of them is pacific and neutral and will accept interactions with the Zork Federation. The other one is aggresive and controls the sector with their technological weapons and ships.

There are also several abandoned worlds that were already obliterated by the aggressive race. Our scientists confirm that they can be colonized again.

There are also Ufomart stores where you can buy modules for your ship that gradually will help you to finish your missions.

Finally, our scientists have detected a big amount of strontium, iridium, goldium and selenium comets that could be a source of funds for us.

You have an initial amount of energy and beams. Be careful because the energy is not infinite. Be also careful with the asteroids moving freely along the whole sector.

How to play the .tap file?

Just open the file “FederationZ_en_FurilloProductions2020.tap” (English ver.) or “FederationZ_sp_FurilloProductions2020.tap” (Spanish ver.) in your Spectrum emulator (mode 48K) and have fun! If you have a real Spectrum 48K or greater, and you have a .tap loading peripheral, you can load this game too!

The controls are:

O / joystick left: navigate left / left.

P / joystick right: navigate right / right. 

Q / joystick up: navigate up.

A / joystick down: navigate down / select an option from the SHOP menu.

SPACE / joystick fire: action / select.

H: set the/jump to Hyperspace

M: open/close the galactic Map