CSSCGC 2011 — Paul E. Collins – Do Not Be Seen!

Paul E. Collins – Do Not Be Seen!

Written by . Posted at 12:01 pm on December 1st, 2011

Paul returns with another great entry. In this game, just like the instructions explain like 293 times, you must not be seen. There are plenty of patroller robots wandering around and they can see in four directions, this is, up, down, left and right but they can’t see diagonally. They can’t see you either if you are behind a yellow block (which you can push to move them somewhere else). So you have two choices: first, you can just stay where you start. There’s a good pair of walls made of yellow blocks you they have absolutely no chance of seeing you. But this isn’t very enticing, is it? So your second choice, which may look more attractive, is simply start moving around the map gathering green gems. But, remember, do not be seen! And, I must say, this is an incredibly difficult task. It may look easy at first as there’s plenty of yellow blocks all around the place, but man, those patrollers surely patrol. My record is two gems. After that, I just threw the computer through the window. So be warned!


Remember: DO NOT BE SEEN!

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