CSSCGC 2011 — Salvacam – Zhunder Vlade

Salvacam – Zhunder Vlade

Written by . Posted at 10:41 am on October 3rd, 2011

It seems pretty common that entries come in pairs. Salvacam has even used the same email to submit both – that shows that this guy likes to save. Good thing. He has also used the same controls as in his previous effort: just the M key. This game should release all his games in a compilation called games in the key of M. Maybe this guy is a pure genius when it comes to design games which use just one key, or maybe he doesn’t know how to detect another key. It could be. Anyways, in this game, you control a hellicopter which has only one control: go up. The drill is simple: the hellicopter advances on his own (full-screen scrolling)!, and if you don’t do anything it will fall to the floor and crash. Press M wisely to control its height. And, while you are at it, avoid crashing with all those flying boulders (or whatever). The catch is that this game is actually fun to play. D’oh! Sometimes type-ins were actually fun, and this looks like one of those. So download it, fire it up in your favourite emulator or real computer, and enjoy your M key!


Controls are not rocket science. Figure them out, lazy bastard!

Click here to download.

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