CSSCGC 2011 — Richard May – Random Walk

Richard May – Random Walk

Written by . Posted at 7:18 am on April 1st, 2011

What we got here? Nothing less than an interesting scientific paper on diffusion? You know, such things that happen when you spill your sugar all over the carpet, or when you drop a box of screws. The laws of diffusion are those which make your contact lenses to roll under the sofa. And our friend Richard May has elaborated a nifty piece of coding just to show us what we already know. Boosting an impressive colour clash-free graphic technique, the program asks us a few questions (nothing personal, don’t worry) and then proceeds to randomly draw lines over a grid. And when it’s done, you can even start over, answer the questions with different values, and get a different picture. Even if you enter the same values, the picture displayed is completely different. That’s the magic of diffusion! Now we have learned something new. Besides, with some luck, the program can create some awesome patterns you can use as a guide if you enjoy cross-stitching. Then you can decorate your home with actual science! Only on CSSCGC, ladies and gentlemen.


Keyboard: answer questions.
Eyes: watch.

Click here to download it.

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