CSSCGC 2011 — Paulo Silva – Memorama

Paulo Silva – Memorama

Written by . Posted at 11:19 am on November 10th, 2011

Paulo Silva sends us a really nifty entry which should be considered Crap solely ’cause the game it implements is utter crap. I’ve never understood the appeal of those games where you have to find couples in a set of cards. No matter if they are the jewel of game coding in terms of technical complexity, they are always Crap. So good choice of game for a CSSCGC entry, Paulo! Graphics are colourful but they suffer quite a lot of the automatic conversion used. ‘Cause if you are suggesting that those are hand drawn I’d tell you that you need to seriously improve your skills as a graphics designer. Once you get past the opening screen, the game plays well. One may say “hey, this works flawlessly, where’s the crap in this game?” I already told you: in the game concept. Memory games = instant crap. So good one!


Use WASD (not WASP) or the cursor keys to control this.

Click here to download.