CSSCGC 2011 — Firelord – Crap Games Competition, The Adventure 4011

Firelord – Crap Games Competition, The Adventure 4011

Written by . Posted at 9:43 am on January 19th, 2011

This is an entry which may help us on our task of being the judges to the CSSCGC this year providing proper training (through simmulation). It’s set in the year 4011, but I think that won’t matter that much. Will you be a crap judge or a good judge of crapness? And, we ask, in the CSSCGC, what’s more appropiate? Let’s hope time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s have a shot at this game.

This game is an updated version of the good old Crap Games Competition 3009 – The Adventure which competed on the 2009 edition, by the same author.

The game let’s you choose which judge you want to be (including the possibility of being GOD, the judge for the upcoming CSSCGC 4011, or Vah-Ka the Almighty for year unknown). Then, it describes ten games which you must judge. Use your wisdom on the task, don’t rush! At the end, you have to select a winner. The program allows you to repeat the experience (perhaps choosing to incarnate a different judge) at the end by typing RUN and tapping ENTER.

This game gets extra points for including Vah-Ka the Almighty, of course.


Keyboard – used to type.

Click here to download.


  1. NOT firelord

    This is an amazing game. I am a hardcore RPG player and I haven’t seen that character detail in any game – except maybe Jet Pac.
    From the detail stats It’s like I have met in person all the judges.

    Also,about Vah-Ka the Almighty I’ve heard that Budha was the loser of the previous year but he could not host the CSSCGC so Vah-Ka the Almighty offered to host it.

    There IS a manual that I bet the author took many man hours to modify (or create).

    I this is the best entry this year and I deserves to be 1rst place. I don’t know that “firelord” guy but from his designs he is brilliant and very cool guy.
    I vote for him.

    Also, if you don’t say/email/phone to everyone you know to vote for this game ,you will have bad luck for the next 1000 years!!!

  2. Copy and paste this message in 10 crap games compos, otherwise somewhere God will send lightning to an innocent shepherd.

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