CSSCGC 2011 — Dr. BEEP – Numberguessing, the 2011 edition

Dr. BEEP – Numberguessing, the 2011 edition

Written by . Posted at 9:49 am on January 19th, 2011

Dr. BEEP sends in a great update to Numberguessing, this time correctly taylored for the year 2011, with the needed adaptations. Time goes faster in 2011 than in 1982 (I must remember to ask my physician friend about this), so the game is adapted to such fact. In fact, the game is so well written that you will guess the number rather quickly.

Not even an attempt to customize the screen colours makes a high crap factor. Using INPUT A$ to make the program stop until the player press ENTER is just ace. The game asks you to guess a number within two random boundaries and even warns you if you get out of bounds! Quality!

Here we have a great contender this year. Shape it up, boys, this one is tough!


Numbers – choose number.
ENTER – enter.

Click here to download.


  1. Actually, I think you will find it was “INPUT k$” and not “INPUT A$” as stated in the review 😉 :->

  2. What can I say about that.
    It’s brilliant.
    Who would have though that something that simple could help people train their psychic abilities.
    After I played a few time the games I could actually guess the number with the first try.
    I always thought that I had that special ability but I couldn’t find a way to make it stronger..

    I will sell all my belonging and invest all my money to start a “predict the future” company…

    I heard that some secret services are interested in this program to train their agents.

  3. I’ve got some offers from the CIA, but I guess that’s up to Mr.BEEP to decide.

    And yup, Bloodbaz, you caught me – I’m such a lame reviewer. I tried to fool you all pretending I had looked at the source code, but I didn’t 😛

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