CSSCGC 2011 — Digital Prawn – MEMPTR Snake

Digital Prawn – MEMPTR Snake

Written by . Posted at 8:51 am on April 1st, 2011

Our fellow Digital Prawn enters the competition with a techie-nerdie-geeky-themed snake clone with a twist. Look, I have such a simple mind, and playing a snake game in which the mentioned snake can move diagonally is such a challenge. Even more, having to actually steer the snake instead of directing it adds even more difficulty to the picture. You know, every snake game is easy to master. You hit UP, the snake goes UP. But not here. You only have controls for turning LEFT and turning RIGHT. Such kind of decision was which made games like La Abadía del Crimen completely unplayable. But, interestingly enough, this feature actually gives an edge to this game, making it actually fun – but frustrating. Making our snake eat can prove a difficult task, maybe ’cause the controls don’t seem very responsive, maybe ’cause we have laterality problems, maybe ’cause who knows what. Besides, this game is, as mentioned, techie-nerdie-geeky themed. It seems that I’m not enough techie-nerdie-geeky as, while I kind of know what MEMPTR refers to (difficult bla-bla-bla about emulators), I can’t understand how this affects to gameplay. If somebody does, please do enlighten me.


O,P: Steer snake.

Click here to download.

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