CSSCGC 2011 — Compiuter – Yellow Brick Road

Compiuter – Yellow Brick Road

Written by . Posted at 9:37 am on January 24th, 2011

And here’s a new entry, this time sent by our fellow Compiuter. This game takes on the character of unknown (named MAN ingame, he must be quite macho), who has to follow the yellow brick road to get a diamond for reasons unknown (probably ’cause diamods are worth a lot of money, we presume). The thing is that the road is incredibly wide, so wide it takes the whole Spectrum screen save from the bottom two lines. You have to move the character accross the screen, or the yellow brick road, and get the diamond, which is at the opposite side of the screen. Of course, this can prove to be impossible, as nasty coloured blocks will appear everywhere on screen to block your path. If you find yourself trapped, you don’t have anything else to do but suicide. Hash, but real, as in life itself.

Tiny graphics, blank scenery, an out of tune set of beeps which make for a intro tune, and a complete lack of design make for a really high crap factor. The sad thing is that I’ve seen products just like this for sale back in the 80s. Ah, those were good times!


O, P, Q, A – character movement
S – suicide

Click here to download.

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