CSSCGC 2011 — Baron Ashler – El millonario

Baron Ashler – El millonario

Written by . Posted at 9:19 am on May 5th, 2011

And here it comes, the second entry in a row by Baron Ashler, and yet again a nice contestant rescued from the sands of time. This time showcasing awesomely digitized speech (using Speak Easy, I could bet!). Spanish readers, if any, will recognize the sample. Yes, it’s the great Joaquin Prat (rest in peace), who hosted the Spanish equivalent to the price is right in the late 80s. This made me be in the greatest mood to play El Millonario, with nice childhood memories and all… But all this feeling disappeared as soon as I started the game. Fellow reader, if you have been a wannabe coder sometime in your 8-bits life you HAVE to have coded a game like this. Move your slow soon to become a millionaire left and right, avoiding the big O and trying to catch the big $. And that’s all. Forever and ever. So have fun. Mr. Ashler comes in strong, it seems, with a couple of entries which can’t be easily beaten in the crap department.


I won’t tell you the keys. Have fun finding them yourself!

Click here to download.

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