CSSCGC 2011 — AYChip – Vah-Ka Bomber

AYChip – Vah-Ka Bomber

Written by . Posted at 7:48 am on September 12th, 2011

Ah, poor mortals. They never learn, do they? Nah. They don’t. That’s why being a god is so damn fun. They are supposed to worship you. Always. No concessions. But no, they, from time to time, decide you are not worthy of being adored. Just because. It would be so damn simple to keep up with the adoration and sacrifices, but they choose not to do so. That’s why it’s so much fun. ‘Cause now you have to demonstrate your mighty wrath and hit them with the palm of your hand so they learn that you don’t make concessions.  You have to maintain your good name. Specially if you are the only real God, the almighty Vah-Ka. Vah-Ka knoweth that and, thus, Vah-ka doeth (First Gospel by Vah-ka, chapter 5, 10-11). AYChip, a good follower, has designed a game for Vah-Ka Itself, so It can have a great time loading it up in Its special ZX Spectrum +47. We, simple mortals, still can enjoy it with regular emulators with the speed cranked up to 20x, or something like that. And oh, what a game! A full screen sideways scroller packed with TONS of action. Blast them, crush them, destroy them! Show them the wrath of Vah-Ka!


Press SPACE to Moo.

Click here to download.


  1. I choose not to destroy humanity nor punish them, as I am the only god, and I choose to do as I see fit in this game.

    Well done, game is cleverly designed to run both on punishment mode or in mercy mode.

  2. That’s what I call depth of gameplay. A true masterpiece. If only Speccies ran @ 50Mhz…

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